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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Honoring Today

Honoring today is being in the present moment of your world. The present moment is when you are totally focused on what you are doing, involved in, and fulfilling that present moment to your highest and best.
Honoring today is focusing on where you are, what you are involved in, and fulfilling, completing, all in that present moment of mindset.
Yes, one must plan along their journeys of life, but that does not mean always focusing on the tomorrows of what is or possibly can come. With a mindset of future focus, one tends to forget, bypass, the important moment of now, the now of your growth on your spiritual journey.
Celebrations of love of the heart are in the present moment of now. They can be thought about in the future and in the planning of joy involvements, but the present moment of love of the heart is just that, felt in that present moment of time.
Enjoy the now of your day. See the bigger picture but honor today for it is that honoring and appreciating of where you are in the present moment. Present moments of time are spiritual growths on your spiritual journey. Honoring today is honoring you and honoring God.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raziel, Zadkiel
Mother Mary 

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