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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Being Love

Being love is who each and everyone of us is on this earth for we are of God and His love of us is in every part of our being.
Being love is our choice to be in our every day, - in our actions, in our responsibilities, in our words, communications with others, by our demeanor, and in our very way of being.
Being love is being kind, taking the higher road in words or actions, when some situations deem another road of thought.
Being love is being that example of goodness for another to observe and emulate. Examples are observed or spoken about more than one realizes. It has a ripple effect going forward.
Being love is sharing God's love within you in your every day. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Ariel, Haniel, Sandalphon, Michael
Blessed Mother Mary

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