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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Your Caring Ways

Your caring ways are from ones loving heart. They are loving thoughts put into motion touching the hearts within of another on your path.
Your caring ways come from love, God's love within you. They are your loving free will choices going forth each day on your spiritual journey.
Your caring ways, - whether a heartfelt smile, a door held open, an offer to assist one in need, your understanding, a listening ear, a loving response, or a most profound gift of caring, - know your caring ways can change the direction of ones heart within and chart a course that had not been considered previously.
Your caring ways can open doors of light and love in ones heart more than you would ever be aware of or ever know. Each person's path is their own and your caring ways each day bring love and are love to others. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, Michael, Sandalphon, Zadkiel, Haniel, Raziel
Blessed Mother Mary

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