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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Making A Difference

Making a difference is knowing from your loving heart within that by your actions, words, or way of being, you have helped make something better. A free will choice, your making a difference can have a profound meaning that changes the course or path of someone on their journey. Sometimes we are aware of the loving difference we make from our loving hearts, and yet, there are times we are not aware due to personal factors involved.
Making a difference can also come in smaller proportions which many just naturally do as they walk their path. From letting another into a waiting line ahead of you, to holding open a door for another, showing loving patience when someone takes longer to do a task, speaking your thankfulness with kindness received, helping another with grace and heartfelt caring, - there are so many ways one can make and has made a difference to share love. When one makes a loving difference it is unique to them, from them to another, sending love throughout the planet. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, Haniel, Sandalphon, Michael
Blessed Mother Mary 

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