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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sharing Your Time

Sharing your time is a gift of your love that you give to another. From your loving heart within you put forth that loving effort to help another in ways that are needed.
Sharing your time is a free will choice. We can choose to help or feel that the timing is difficult for us to go that path.
It is up to us how we share our time and many times sharing our time is not the most convenient for us on our journey, but it is the most crucial time on another's path. Sometimes sharing your time at that needed moment makes all the difference for another.
Sharing your time can involve an emotional perspective with listening, a physical assist making another's load lighter, or just holding another's hand and being a comfort during a challenging time.
Sharing your time and making that difference in such a positive and caring way for another on their journey is being love. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Haniel, Zadkiel, Sandalphon
Blessed Mother Mary 


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Your Gentle Ways

Your gentle ways are love. They come from your loving heart within to bring joy, kindness, caring, understanding, assistance, healing, - a capacity of love that your unique gentle way can fulfill in the heart of another.
Your gentle ways have a capacity to enfold all genre, all walks of life, all experiences, with love. Experiencing the gentleness of another's caring to us, has the most profound meaning, indelible mark of love in our hearts.
Your gentle ways can help change a path of another, uplift an emotional situation, bring healing to another's road of walking. Your gentle ways are profound in love and your opportunity to bring more love to the planet. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, Michael, Sandalphon, Zadkiel
Blessed Mother Mary

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Being Kind

Being kind is being love in who you are as a person in what you say to another, in how you respond in situations, and having that loving awareness to be kind.
Being kind is a free will choice of sharing love and we all know that gift of love when we receive kindness from another. It touches our heart and uplifts our within in such a loving way.
Being kind has a ripple effect going forward. It just does. Ones kindness observed can inspire many to follow your lead, more than you could ever know.
Being kind can be with your words of thanks, your offer to help another, or listening with an open heart. There are many ways being kind to another brings love. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, Sandalphon, Michael, Zadkiel, Raziel
Blessed Mother Mary