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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Seeing the Goodness

Seeing the goodness is being able to see goodness, see God's love in everything and everywhere you are.
Seeing the goodness is finding that path within you that so resonates love in every situation you encounter.
Seeing the goodness in difficult situations takes a broader view, wider perspective of thought, but know dear child, goodness can come from and evolve from a most challenging path of walking. Examples such as strength not there before, a courage unknown within ones within, a confidence that  emerged in oneself that was unable before to blossom, seeing the goodness can come in a way unexpected so to speak.
Seeing the goodness is a personal choice within ones being.
There are times that are easy to see goodness and times that are otherwise, but know goodness is everywhere and in everything.
Seeing the goodness is seeing the love. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Haniel, Sandalphon, Zadkiel
Blessed Mother Mary

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Gift of Listening

The gift of listening comes from your heart. It is opening that door of love within you with another.
The gift of listening from your loving heart within involves your total listening of what is being spoken and shared with you. Your loving intention is to hear every spoken word to the best of your ability.
Yes, life's roads can have one listening and doing other activities as well, but know your total true listening, hearing, and understanding each word of conversation is a gift, your gift of listening to another.
Due to circumstance and timing, asking another to again review the words spoken to you is honoring that person with the gift of your listening.
The gift of your listening, your caring, your genuine wanting to hear heartfelt words spoken by another is being love. Love is all there is.
Go in this knowing.
Archangels Gabriel, Ariel, Uriel, Michael, Sandalphon, Zadkiel, Metatron
Blessed Mother Mary